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All members of staff have the right on equal treatment under the law. It is against the law to discriminate people based on Race, Creed, Age or Sexual Orientation.

Westfield Solicitors has extensive experience of handling matters on behalf of both employers and employees in all areas of employment law. We also have extensive and comprehensive knowledge of a wide range of industry sectors enabling us to assess your case in a professional and comprehensive manner.

Employment Law Employees

We Can Help With:

 Unfair Dismissal Claims

 Constructive Dismissal Claims

 Wrongful Dismissal Claims

 Sex Discrimination Claims

 Race Discrimination Claims

 Disability Discrimination Claims

 Age Discrimination Claims

 Compromise Agreements

 Redundancy

 Bullying and Harassment

 Maternity & Paternity Rights

Every employee has the right to be able to perform their function or work without any form of discrimination based on Age, Race, Creed or Sexual Orientation. As a firm, we are employment law specialists and you can therefore rely on us to provide you with the requisite quality employment law advice you require from a specialist employment law solicitor.

Employment Law Employers

Employee management is among the most difficult tasks for small and medium business owners. Starting with the hiring process and wage issues to workplace health and safety to discrimination and the termination of employees, we can help demystify the complex laws that govern employment law and other aspects of workforce management, including laws governing hiring and dismissal, wages, benefits, discrimination, harassment, workplace safety, privacy at work and more.

If you have any doubts about your situation, call us for a no obligation confidential assessment of your case on 020 8228 1260