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We can give advice on aspects of U.K Residency, your rights and responsibilities; support you with making applications for…


Westfield Solicitors is determined to give high quality legal service at very reasonable rates. We always deliver superior service to our immigration clients because of our expert immigration knowledge and vast experience, all over the UK. 

Here are some areas where we can help:

For Visitors To the United Kingdom:

We can offer you personal advice and support in the following matters:

◘ Coming to the United Kingdom as a Visitor;

◘ We can advice you on the documents you will need to enter the UK as a visitor;

◘ We offer advice on how to sponsor a visitor to enter the UK;

◘ We can offer advice on your rights and responsibilities when visiting the United Kingdom;

◘ We can supply you with information on what documents you will need if you want to get married or enter a legal partnership in the United Kingdom;


Foreign Students Studying in the UK

◘ Advice on what papers you need to come to the United Kingdom to study.

◘ We can help if you are able to extend your stay in the United Kingdom to study as a foreign student.

◘ We can assist and advise you on the appeals procedure if your permission to enter the United Kingdom to study is refused with the right of appeal.

A new strict system has been put into place to crack down on bogus and false applications from foreign students. Institutions now need to register with the UK Border Agency before they are even allowed to sponsor an international student, under the student tier of Britain’s new points system.

Points Based System:

On Monday 30 June 2008, the Home Office fully put into practice Tier 1 of the new points based system. Tier 1 (General) established the Highly Skilled Worker, industrialist, Investor and Post Study Work categories.

Tier 2 will substitute the current Work Permit from November 2008 under the new point based system. We can give advice to employers how to apply for licence and assist in issuing certificates of sponsorships to potential employees.

If you are a national of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, you are free to enter and stay in the United Kingdom. We can support you and help you to register with the Home Office or apply for permission before you start to work and also apply for permanent residence for you and your non-EEA dependants.

U.K Residency and Nationality Advice:

We can give advice on aspects of U.K Residency, your rights and responsibilities; support you with making applications for naturalisation, extension of visas, indefinite leave to remain in the U.K.

Westfield Solicitors can provide additional details of this scheme or any of the above.

◘ Our skilled team will provide a skilled and high quality service to our clients on all immigration matters.

◘ We represent clients from many countries around the world and can offer professional interpreters in any language.

◘ We offer very affordable rates.

◘ As well as our usual rates we can offer Fixed Fees for standard applications so you know the cost at the start of your case.

If you are in the country illegally and wish to legalize your stay in the U.K, then contact us.

To talk about any aspect of your case, or to get hold of a fixed fee quote for your case, please contact us at or Tel 020 8228 1260