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If you are convicted of a crime and go to prison, there will be very strict rules you will need to follow, and you will have to give up your rights to freedom. However, this does not affect your human rights because they are protected by law. People sent to prison must be treated fairly and held in a safe environment.

Prison law looks after the rights of prisoners. Once one is imprisoned, it can be a worrying and distressing time both for the person in prison and his or her relatives. Whether the imprisonment is long term or a temporary remand, if you are worried about your rights and privileges, then go no further because Westfield Solicitors can help.


prison law

At Westfield solicitors, we understand the emotional suffering caused to you and your family during these times. That is why selecting the right solutions will be the most important decision you will ever make. Here at Westfield Solicitors, we have a legal aid contract for prison law matters and we are experts in various areas of prison law. Our specialist team is made up of highly skilled solicitors, and we are  fully devoted to the prisoner’s welfare. We are available to offer wide-ranging advice and assistance on all prison law matters.

Our prison law department offers a tailored service to all clients as it guarantees the care they receive throughout their criminal matters. Our service begins when a person is at their most vulnerable, when they are taken into custody. At this stage the client care and focus upon their case continues by dealing with matters such as appeals against conviction, sentence, proceeds of crime, advice regarding categorisation etc. Our prison law department will also assist our clients with difficulties an inmate may have during detention. We offer help with transfers to other prisons, closer to loved ones, re-categorisation to follow sentence plans, assist with complaints, advice specific to foreign nationals and more.

We are also capable of assisting and providing representation during adjudications should the prisoner be subjected to disciplinary behaviour. This sector has widespread advocacy experience to make available the best potential care for these hearings where a prisoner has the opportunity of having extra days added on to their prison term.

Just before the end of a sentence, we are able to give additional assistance in relation to parole (for determinate and not determinate sentences), HDC and licence conditions. We have knowledge in oral parole hearings, where support and assistance is often helpful in ensuring early release. Before the release date, the team is able to support you in relation to licence recall issues. We are able to get ready representations or to represent in an oral hearing in relation to the motive for the recall and any mitigation which may be provided.

Westfield Solicitors is also able to assist you with all your potential appeals and reviews. Perhaps, you are thinking of appealing against your conviction and or sentence. We can help. Even when you may think that you have come to the ends of the road, we can still appeal to Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) on your behalf.

Our firm holds a Criminal Defence Service Contract with the Legal Services Commission to provide prison law and appeals and reviews work. This means that should your case need public funding, we will be able to represent you free of charge under a legal aid scheme. This means that in most cases the guidance and support will be free to the client subject to the completion of some simple forms. Call and speak to a member of our Prison Law Department in full confidence. Tel. 020 8228 1260